Russian Interpretation at Lawyer’s Appointments, Court

Moscow court interpreter
Moscow court interpreter

The legal system can seem incomprehensible, especially in a different language. For legal matters, you need a competent team of experts by your side making sure your interests are represented. An experienced court interpreter is crucial. We offer responsible and reliable guidance and support by a sworn interpreter for dealing with authorities and courts. Moreover, we handle the certified translation from Russian and other languages of your legal documents.

A courtroom interpreter makes communication possible in the courtroom. Thanks to their special skills, Russian courtroom interpreters help all people involved to understand the proceedings, regardless of the language they speak. As a lot depends on the quality of the translation, court interpreters must be highly qualified in order deliver precise interpreting from and into the the Russian language as well as understand legal jargon. A courtroom interpreter must translate every word accurately, whenever the judge, lawyers, or witnesses are speaking. It’s in everyone’s interest to hire a professional Russian courtroom interpreter to make sure all parties involved can understand the proceedings.

People who have difficulties speaking or understanding the Russian language are entitled to a court interpreter during the proceedings. Witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants and all the parties involved may get an interpreter in case the judge decides that they have difficulties in communicating due to poor Russian language skills. There are interpreters provided by the court and independent interpreters hired as contractors by the parties involved in the trial process. In both cases court interpreters have to be qualified professionals. Court interpreters might also be involved during other stages of the legal process when authorities like the police or immigration service contract them in situations such as interviews following an arrest. They also interpret during attorney-client meetings and depositions.

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